Das Thema meiner Kunst ist das „Alltägliche des Friedens”, in dem die menschliche Wärme verborgen ist. Ich möchte durch meine Malerei den Gedanken ausdrücken, dass auch das „Gewöhnliche“ Schönheit besitzt, solange es um den Alltag des Friedens geht und man darin Wärme und Licht erkennt. Und die Tatsache, dass es der Friedensalltag ist genügt, um dieses „Gewöhnliche“ zu schätzen. Denn wie nie spüren wir heute, wie zerbrechlich der Frieden ist.

In my art, I want to show the human warmth which is hidden in the everyday life. I want to express that you can feel happiness, discover warmth and light, and even admire what we can consider as usual routine. Only considering the fact that this is everyday-life in peace, is enough to appreciate this„Ordinary”, to enjoy it and to try not to lose it. Because today more than ever we feel how fragile peace can be. Many people who lived in peace yesterday do not have it anymore today.

Tanja Kolinko was born, in 1975 in the Tschernigiw, Ukraine. From 1994- till 1998 was studying at the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture, Kyiv, in the department of monumental painting of Prof. M. Storozhenko.

2000- 2006 Study painting at the State Art Academy in Münster, by the studio of Prof. Udo Scheel. Since 2006 living and working as a free artist in Cologne, Germany.

2012 -„Two female artists- two worlds’’, Intercultural Week, Cologne, Kulturbunker, Germany.

2008 – Artexpo2008’’, Javits Convention Center, New York, USA. 2007 – Grand Art Exhibition 2007, Kunsthalle Villa Kobe, Halle (Saale), Germany.

2014 – Certificate of Excellence, PALM ART AWARD 2014.
2007 – Promotion prize Odenthal, Odenthal, Germany.
1997 – State Prize of the Government Presidium, Kyiv, Ukraine.